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Created in 72 hours with a fever for the Heart Game Jam.

Launch day is a 1-BIT styled experience in a resolution of 72 x 72. The Jam  theme was "Scarcity" so instead of creating a core mechanic around scarcity, I created the story around it. The story is about the launch day of the "Ultra Pretendo Micro." It is inspired by my experience with the launch of the Nintendo Switch, and how I got the last console at the store. This project was a bit of an experiment for me, as normally I come up with game mechanics prior to story. I hope you enjoy Launch Day!


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Great game...



This was so amazing! Keep up this great work dude :)

Thank you! I will!


Loved the whole thing, with its kind of Increpare style ! The platformer part was quite challenging for me (maybe a bit too much).

Thanks, I'm glad you liked it!