Version 1.2 Released!

2 AM update incoming! Got out of bed to fix a glaring mistake, not being able to quit

  • Press ESC to quit the game at any time

In addition to that, the following was actually implemented in v1.1 but not mentioned in the release notes:

  • Hold CTRL and press a number between 1 and 6 to resize the game in windowed mode

For example:

  • CTRL + 1 window size 144 x 144
  • CTRL + 2 window size 288 x 288
  • CTRL + 6 window size 864 x 864

Keep in mind that you can switch between full-screen and windowed mode at any time by pressing Alt + Enter.

You can also drag a corner to resize the window, at the expense of pixel perfect scaling.


Candy Wrapper v1.2 18 MB
Mar 14, 2018

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